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Abstract # 904Author: Nicholas ShermanMentor: Michael ScottUndergraduate

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Amy Halpin

Title: Are Adverse Childhood Experiences Associated with Worse Cognitive Function in Older Adults?Abstract Number:701Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rebecca MacAulaytd {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br…

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UMSS2021- Abstract #863 (Adoum).

Brewers’ Spent Grain (BSG) Fermentation. Abstract #: 863 Submission Category: Natural Sciences Author: Adoum Fadaya Arabi Faculty Mentor: Denise Skonberg.

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1087. Quantification of Concentration dependency of pathogen suppression in Black Soldier Fly larvae vermicompost. Category: Microbiology. Undergraduate. Dr. Edward Bernard.

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Anna Cressey

Abstract #413 A Quality Improvement Approach to Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Heart Failure Patients Category: Nursing Undergraduate Dr. Valerie Herbert

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Logan Douglas

Logan Douglas Abstract #1054 Transgenerational Epigenetic Effects of DIO3 Gene on Fertility in Mice Category: Biomedical Sciences Graduate Dr. Arturo Hernandez

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Kayla Thompson

425: Motivations and Experiences of Older Adult Volunteers: An Exploration of a Telehealth Simulation Experience Category: Allied Health Graduate Dr. Jennifer Crittenden

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Spencer Atkinson

#611. Illustrations Challenging Tropes of LGBT+ IndividualsArtUndergraduateDr. Lois-Ann Kuntz

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539. Wavelet-Based Automatic Breast Segmentation from Mammograms Category: Engineering Undergraduate Andre Khalil

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Kiera Luu

830: Dulse Nursery Category: Natural Sciences Undergrad Dr. Tim Bowden

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Projection Mapping and Meditation: An Immersive Installation for Anxious Individuals

Caitlyn Sharples Abstract #614 (Updated to .mp4)

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Tom Adams

304. Analyzing the Implementation of Citizenship Education Projects in Maine Middle Schools Business, Education, Allied Health and Art Undergraduate Rebecca Buchanan

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Megan Schierer

#817: Environmental and Social Factors of Mosquito Abundance and Species Distribution Across a Land-Use Gradient Category, Graduate Dr. Allison Gardner

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Harrison Cyr

Abstract Number - #1080 Optimization of RT-LAMP Testing from Wastewater for SARS-CoV-2 Detection Undergraduate Faculty Mentor Name - Dr. Robert Wheeler

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Cole Perry

534: A Custom Centrifuge Tube and Cap for the Collection of Microliter Volume from a Microneedle Skin Patch Engineering and Information Sciences Undergraduate Rosemary Smith

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