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Virginia’s Oral History: Growing Up Franco-American in Waterville, Maine

Biographical video presentation on Franco-American family, culture, and community in Waterville, Maine. Created by Virginia Sand of Bangor, Maine. Includes video of Albertine Pimperel, Robert E. Roy,…

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Rivage des Arts

From the Normand Beaupré collection, some music from Le Rivage des Arts.

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Charlotte Cormier

Elementary school presentation in northern Maine offered by Charlotte Cormier, a scholar in Acadian folksong traditions and a musician from Moncton, New Brunswick. Recorded 17 October 1997.Language:…

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Charlotte Cormier

Lecture and round-table conversation in Maine’s St. John Valley on Acadian folk music, directed by Charlotte Cormier of Moncton, New Brunswick. Includes a presentation of songbooks and…

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