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Using Mura CMS to Edit the UMFK Website

This is a tutorial on how to work with the UMFK website's content management system, Mura CMS.

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UMFK Business - Marketing Module I Part I - 2021

UMFK Business lecture for Principles of Marketing

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Alex Koch

104, Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Classify and Identify Galaxy Merger Events in the CANDELS Fields Category: Physical and Mathematical Sciences Graduate Dr. David Batuski

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Kaltura Education Video Solutions

Video management and publishing is becoming a core part of the modern day educational institution. We offer flexible options to jumpstart a next generation video experience on your campus and…

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Cornell Uni: Scaling the Video Infrastructure

Michael Tolomeo, Instructional Media Manager, shares how video usage at Cornell University evolved over time. From transcoding all videos in-house to outsourcing it to Kaltura in order to scale…

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