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Holly Leung

840. Preliminary quality assessment of green crab (Carcinus maenas) roe Natural Sciences Graduate Denise Skonberg

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Jennifer Jain

Abstract Number: 426 Title: Nutrition Innovation Pilot Partner Interviews: The Overriding Importance of Engaging Older Adults in Their Own Care and Health Promotion Post Hospital Discharge. Category;…

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Dakota Archambault

Abstract # 1032 Understanding the role of prophage encoded polymorphic toxins in mycobacterial superinfection immunity and drug resistance Category: Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate Sally Molloy

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Leah Parrish

554 Exploration of Olfactory Interventions as a Synergistic Emotional and Cognitive Recovery Technique Category: Engineering and Information Sciences Undergraduate Dr. Nimesha Ranasinghe

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Aldous Hofmann

867Natural SciencesUndergraduate Yongjiang, Zhang PhD

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Dan Regan

509. Investigation of Liquid Net Filtration for the Capture and Release of Bioaerosols Category: Engineering and Information Sciences Graduate Dr. Caitlin Howell

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Umaine Symposium_Hellmeister 862

Marilia Hellmeister #862 Influence of location in Embodied Carbon and Operational Energy in buildings; Natural Sciences Graduate Student Stephen Shaler

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Anna Cressey

Abstract #413 A Quality Improvement Approach to Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Heart Failure Patients Category: Nursing Undergraduate Dr. Valerie Herbert

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Devin Christianson

525. Developing Software for Aerial Imagery Handling and AI Analysis Management Category: TechnologyUndergraduateCynthia Loftin

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Katherine Boyce Reardon

Abstract # 742, What It Was & What I Know: Attempts At Family History Category: Social sciences and Humanities Undergraduate Dr. Gregory Howard

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Ethan Mason

Abstract: #530 Category: Engineering and Information Sciences Undergraduate Andrew Sheaff

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Kayla Thompson

425: Motivations and Experiences of Older Adult Volunteers: An Exploration of a Telehealth Simulation Experience Category: Allied Health Graduate Dr. Jennifer Crittenden

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Eliza Jacobs

Abstract #311 Category: Education Graduate Dr. Elizabeth Hufnagel

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Vivin Karthik

1027 - Characterizing the role of IRS1/2 in osteocyte differentiation and function in bone development Category - Biomedical Sciences; Graduate Dr.Anyonya Guntur

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Sabrina Varga

#1053; 3D Tracking of Muscle Precursor Cell Movements in Zebrafish Category: Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate Jared Talbot

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Kettie Rose Cormier

#543 Concentrating Viruses From Sewage for SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring Engineering and Informational Sciences Undergraduate Dr. Jean MacRae

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