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World War II Veterans: Delcy Theriault, Finland Dumond, and Valmont Nadeau

From the Marc Chasse collection, interviews with Fort Kent, Maine, World War II veterans Delcy Theriault [1998 February 12], Finland Dumond (41:54) [1996 January 24], and Valmont Nadeau (99:12) [1996…

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Cajuns in World War II

“Cajuns in World War II” is a presentation by scholar Jason Theriot on his research and oral history work with Louisiana Cajun World War II veterans. Much of the research featured in this…

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Maurice Daigle

Interview with World War II veteran and St. John and Lewiston, Maine, native, Maurice Daigle. Recorded by Dr. Marc Chasse 12 February 1998.Languages: French and English

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Lionel Breau & Peter Johnson

Conversation with Lionel Breau of Greenville, Maine, and Maine State Representative, Peter Johnson. Introduced by Betty Doyon Ryder. Recorded 9 April 2011.

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Lucien Ouellette

Interview with Wallagrass, Maine native and World War II veteran, Lucien Ouellette, at his home in Fort Kent, Maine. Recorded by Dr. Marc Chasse, 25 February 1998.

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Roger Desjardins

Interview with Vietnam War veteran, Roger Desjardins, at his home in Solder Pond, Maine. Recorded by Dr. Marc Chasse, 9 December 2008.Language: English and French

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Edmond Theriault & Joanne Pelletier Theriault

Interview with military veteran Edmond Theriault of Fort Kent, Maine and Joanne Pelletier Theriault at their home on Eagle Lake, Maine. Recorded by Dr. Marc Chasse, 4 January 2003.Language: English…

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Jeanine Bouchard

Interview with Jeanine Bouchard of Dijon, France at her home in Eagle Lake, Maine. End portion includes the participation of Linda Voisine. Recorded by Dr. Marc Chasse, 30 December 2003.Language:…

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Gary Dumond

Interview with Gary Dumond, Vietnam War veteran, at his home on Eagle Lake, Maine. Recorded by Dr. Marc Chasse, 13 December 2005.Language: English

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Valier Jandreau

Interview with Valier Jandreau – native of St. Francis, Maine and World War II veteran – at his home in Madawaska, Maine. Recorded by Dr. Marc Chassé. 6 February 2012.Language:…

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Bernette Albert

Interview with Bernette Albert of St. David, Maine, at her home on Long Lake in Madawaska, Maine. Recorded by Dr Marc Chassé. 5 September 2012.

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The story of Bert Dutil and his involvement in the war during 1953 and 1954. Languages: French

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