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A Tour of Wyman's Blueberries

This is a video tour of Wyman's Blueberry Farm in Deblois Maine.

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Convection and Advection

This video combines instructor narrative, demonstrations and lightboad videos to explain convection and advection in the context of a marine biology course.

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Computing a Static Planning Budget

In this video for an accounting class, Vyond is used to animate a business scenario and the budget for a small business is analyzed.

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Business Formation Lightboard Video

In this lightboard video, an instructor explains the balance between risk and control for various business entities such as LLCs, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

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The Two Card System

This video, for a graduate level social work course, uses Vyond to animate a real-life scenario used in Maine politics called the Two Card System.

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CITL Sample Video: Lightboard and Programming Split Screen Video Sample

CITL Sample Video: Lightboard and Programming Split Screen Video Sample

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SFR406 Lidar Part 1 clip

This video, created for a Remote Sensing class at the University of Maine, provides an introduction to LiDAR.

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PSE110 Littlefield Garden Tour

This video is a tour of the Littlefield Garden on the University of Maine Campus.

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Adding Files to a Module in Content Using Drag and Drop

This video goes over how to add documents to a module in using the click and drag features of Brightspace.

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Mastering audio in Premiere

Mastering audio in Premiere

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CITL 2020 Loop

CITL 2020 Loop

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Infographics with Vyond

Infographics with Vyond

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Using Vyond to illustrate a scenario

Using Vyond to illustrate a scenario

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