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“Soil health – towards a ‘microbial agriculture’?”, by Dr. Anna Krzywoszynska and Paula Palanco Lopez

Microbes and Social Equity speaker series 2023 This series explores the way that microbes connect public policy, social disparities, and human health, as well as the ongoing research, education,…

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Zenon & Beatrice Daigle

Interview with Zenon and Beatrice Daigle at their homestead in Fort Kent, Maine. Recorded by Dr. Marc Chasse, 6 November 2007.Language: English and French

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Gerald Dubois

An interview with Gerald Dubois of Fort Kent, Maine, at his home in St. Agatha.

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Bernice Ouellette

Interview with Bernice Ouellette in Fort Kent, Maine.

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Fr. Alphie Marquis

Interview with Fr. Alphie Marquis at his home in Eagle Lake, Maine. Recorded by Dr. Marc Chasse, 8 January 1992.Language: English (first half) and French (second half)

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Bernette Albert

Interview with Bernette Albert of St. David, Maine, at her home on Long Lake in Madawaska, Maine. Recorded by Dr Marc Chassé. 5 September 2012.

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How to Test Forage Quality

University of Maine Cooperative Extension discusses the nutritional importance of forage quality and recommended sampling techniques.

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How to Prevent Sheep Foot Rot

University of Maine Cooperative Extension shows how to prevent sheep foot rot, how to correctly trim sheep's feet, and what affects the disease has on the sheep in your flock.

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New Farmers: How to Help with Conflict Resolution

University of Maine Cooperative Extension talks about the Agriculture Mediation Program, how it is funded, and how the program can assist in mediating conflicts.

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