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OneSearch Overview - 2022

The OneSearch Overview video refers to another video. Below is the link to the other video:

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Library Resources: Where to get them and why you get them there

This is a quick video on what to use to access electronic resources and what types of electronic resources you get from where.

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UMFK Library Website 2021: Overview

This is a quick look at the UMFK library website and some pertinent information for students to know.

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Getting Started with Kaltura Personal Capture Application

Kaltura Personal Capture is a desktop recording and capture tool for easy creation of videos at home, in the office, on campus, or on the goThis video demonstrates how to get started with the Kaltura…

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iCEV: Monetizing HQ EDU Videos on the Web

Dusty Moore, President of iCEV, discusses how iCEV is using Kaltura to distribute educational videos. He explains the importance of producing quality content for the web and the advantage of having…

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